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Bih Li Lee. About Us.

SINCE 1992

Terms of Use

By accessing our website, you agree to all information/data about you being collected by Bih Li & Lee LLP (“the Firm”) from the website from time to time. The Firm may use and disclose such information/data as set out in the Firm’s Data Protection Policy.

Data Protection Policy

The use of the Firm’s website does not create a client-lawyer relationship between you and the Firm. The Firm will not reveal details of your personal information/data to others unless the Firm has your permission, or is under a legal obligation/duty to do so.


By engaging the Firm to act for you, you consent to the Firm collecting, using and disclosing your personal information/data to (among others) the Firm’s service providers, advisors and consultants, governmental authorities and relevant third parties (such as opposing parties and their lawyers and advisors).

For matters arising from the personal information/data provided by you, please contact our Data Protection Officer, by email at or post, or call our general line at +65 6223 3227.


As permitted by law, a fee reflective of the assistance required may be charged by the Firm in relation to the above.

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