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Singapore is one of the top seats of arbitration in the world.

Its reputation as an international arbitration centre is second to none. Our renowned expertise in dispute resolution puts us at the forefront of arbitration in Singapore as well as internationally.

Our Arbitration team has been involved in institutional arbitrations that include the International Chamber of Commerce and the Singapore International Arbitration Centre.  At the same time, we are experienced with ah hoc arbitral proceedings. 

We have acted for a wide spectrum of clients in arbitration matters that include multinational corporations, foreign companies and high net-worth individuals.  Our experience covers various areas and sectors such as telecommunications, energy, real estate and joint ventures.

Drafting Of Arbitration Agreements

Our Arbitration team has advised on and drafted arbitration agreements that are tailored to suit the circumstances of the agreement between the parties. These include building in mediation clauses as an avenue for resolution before formal arbitration proceedings are commenced.


Local Arbitration

We have represented clients where the dispute and the parties are in Singapore and the forum of dispute resolution that was chosen was arbitration.


International Arbitration

We have experience in cross-border international arbitration proceedings where the seat of the arbitration is in Singapore. We also work regularly and closely with foreign co-counsels in international arbitration settings where the substantive law governing the agreement was a foreign law.

Enforcement Of Arbitral Awards

The team has acted for clients in the enforcement of a foreign arbitral award in Singapore against a Singapore company or in relation to assets located in Singapore.


Below are highlights of the experience that our team has built:

  • Acted for a Philippines telecommunications provider in a dispute with a US based company in an arbitration under the ICC Rules involving the deployment and use of satellites which was valued in excess of US$30 million.

  • Acted for a Japanese conglomerate against an Indian company involving the design, production and installation of electricity meters in India. This was under the ICC Rules involving the claims and counterclaims in excess of US$25 million.

  • Represented a Taiwanese energy company in a dispute under the ICC Rules against an Indian company involving breaches of a joint venture agreement involving claims in excess of US$20 million.

  • Acted for the Japanese finance company in its claims for breaches of contract in an arbitration under the SIAC Rules in relation to a sum of US$10 million.

  • Acted for an Indonesian telecommunications company against a Hong Kong technology company in a dispute that arose from breaches of contract. This was an international arbitration under the SIAC Rules involving the claims in excess of US$5 million.

  • Representing an Indonesian based company in relation to claims for breaches of agreement by its shareholder in proceedings under the SIAC Rules. 

  • Acted for a landlord in relation to the interpretation of certain termination clauses under a tenancy agreement of a luxury apartment which was heard before an ad hoc tribunal.

Your Contacts
Darrell-Low seasoned disputes lawyer, he has represented clients in appeals, trials and applications before the Court.
T: 6330 6204
Aileen-Chua advises a diverse client portfolio including domestic and international clients, multinational corporations.
D: 6330 6236
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