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Employees form the backbone and are a key pillar to any successful organisation.

A secure employment and ensuring the rights of an employee are protected is also essential to the career and livelihoods of individuals. We recognize that the balance between these 2 fundamental tenets drives the success of human capital management.  

Our Employment Law practice has broad experience in both contentious and non-contentious employment matters.  The team consists of lawyers who are experts in corporate work as well as lawyers who are experienced in the disputes arena so that we provide a multi-disciplinary approach to your matter.

Our clients range from a wide range of industries and include corporations and private individuals, both local and international.

Employment Disputes

We are very experienced on the contentious aspects of the employer-employee relationship. Our lawyers have acted in disputes such as wrongful termination, the enforcement of restrictive and non-compete covenants, claims for unpaid salaries, summary dismissal, vicarious liability and breaches of directors’ fiduciary duties and employment agreements.

We also regularly advise on retrenchment exercises, employee disciplinary proceedings or investigations, workplace harassment matters and the negotiations of severance packages.

Non-Contentious matters

For non-contentious matters, we advise both employers and employees on the drafting and review of employment contracts and service agreements, as well as advising on and assisting with immigration issues such as applications for employment passes.

The preparation of employee share option plans, or ESOPs, is also a key component to our non-contentious employment practice.

We also advise on corporate reorganisations that involve the intra-group transfer of employees and downsizing.

Employment / Work Passes​

With the growth of globalization and an increasingly mobile workforce, we help our clients and provide guidance on the requirements and steps as to applying for employment or work passes for their foreign employees in Singapore.


Below are highlights of the extensive experience that our team has built up:

  • Multinational health technology corporation in commencing proceedings in the High Court against a former director and employee for misconduct, breach of fiduciary duties and breaches of his employment contract and defended the client from a counterclaim for wrongful termination.

  • An employee in the settlement of a claim for unpaid salary and benefits after the termination of employment.

  • Employees on their post-termination obligations including restrictive covenants, restraint of trade, non-solicitation and confidentiality.

  • Global leader in the pet and livestock drug industry on the investigations into the misconduct of a former employee and the subsequent related investigations by the Singapore authorities.

  • A former senior employee of an international managing consultancy company in relation to, among other things, the enforceability of the restraint of trade clauses in the employment agreement. 

  • A former employee in the High Court of Singapore for alleged breaches of, among other things, non-solicitation and confidentiality clauses and whether the duty of loyalty and fidelity exists after the former employee had left the employment.

  • Preparing and/or reviewing of employment agreements for corporations in various industries, including food and beverage, retail and service, investment and trading.

  • Drafting of ESOPs for various technology start ups in Singapore.

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